January 4, 2016

ISIS Wood Product Solutions has changed its company name to MillTech Inventory Management Solutions, Inc.  The ISIS product previously known as ISIS Inventory/Sales & Production System has also been renamed as MillTech Inventory/Sales & Production System or simply MillTech.

World events out of our control caused us to have to change the name of our company.   It’s quite unfortunate and sad on a number of levels that this action needed to be taken.  We polled our customer base about the name change and there was very passionate support for us to do so.

The name change does signal a change in the marketing focus of MillTech.  The new name, MillTech, was chosen to better align the company’s name with companies’ current position in the marketplace as the leading provider of inventory/ sales systems to the wood manufacturing sector of the wood products industry.  Including primary and secondary hardwood, softwood and engineered wood manufacturers.

MillTech’s current development of an in-the-mill, mobile data collection system is just one more sign of MillTech’s commitment to wood product manufacturing companies.